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A inside peek into Naomi's (Picnik's owner) journey to health & vitality....and what she choses to eat & why. Check it out!

Since the day Picnik opened it’s doors, 3 years ago, it’s owner and creator, Naomi has been on a similar journey of growth, expansion, and commitment towards a healthy lifestyle.

She first experienced digestive problems and chronic abdominal discomfort at age 14 during her sophomore year in high school. She went to doctor after doctor and not one ever mentioned that perhaps the source of her troubles was diet related....


Picnik first opened its doors in Austin in 2013 in a reclaimed shipping container on South Lamar. Since day one, it has been our dream to expand in order to improve as many lives as possible. The requests to open a North Austin location have been pouring in from our loyal customers, and we are ecstatic to finally be able to say that we are opening our second Picnik location as a brick and mortar restaurant in the spring of 2016! The restaurant will be at...


We recently received this gorgeous cookbook from the incredibly talented Vanessa Barajas: Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind. It is seriously mind-blowing how beautiful and creative each one of these desserts is. I can't wait to make them all, but Vanessa has graciously offered us the opportunity to share one of her recipes with you guys. It was a tough decision, but we had to go with her Cookie Dough Fudge.

Honestly, I love cookie dough...


Question: Why do things at Picnik cost more?

Answer: The products we create and sell at Picnik are pricier than average because every single ingredient we use in the trailer and in our kitchen was chosen based on quality, not price. And the truth is; foods that are detrimental to your health are way cheaper than foods that support your health. We tend to use some of the most expensive ingredients available on the market because after meticulous research, we’ve decided that these ingredients best serve our customers health. And our customers health is...


  • Q: How do you improve on something as awesome as green juice!?
  • A: Combine it with something equally awesome – bone broth!
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One of the many incredible allures of adding grass-fed butter and MCT oil to your morning coffee: it can help you lose weight.

How does this work? Well essentially, grass-fed butter has a totally different nutritional profile than conventional (grain-fed) butter, because cows’ bodies are designed to process grass – not grains. So in essence, they pass on all those awesome nutrients that are present in rapidly growing green grass to you in the most bioavailable form. When we fuel our bodies with this incredibly high quality fat, we feel satiated. We...