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5 Ways to Optimize Butter Coffee for Weight Loss

One of the many incredible allures of adding grass-fed butter and MCT oil to your morning coffee: it can help you lose weight.

How does this work? Well essentially, grass-fed butter has a totally different nutritional profile than conventional (grain-fed) butter, because cows’ bodies are designed to process grass – not grains. So in essence, they pass on all those awesome nutrients that are present in rapidly growing green grass to you in the most bioavailable form. When we fuel our bodies with this incredibly high quality fat, we feel satiated. We experience an unbelievable sustained curb of appetite when our bodies finally get the fuel they truly need, and food cravings become nearly non-existent. Drink a cup of Butter Coffee in the morning, and chances are you won’t feel hungry until afternoon!

The truth is, the cultural shift toward “low-fat” everything hasn’t done us any favors – in fact as a whole we’ve gotten fatter and sicker. Most of our bodies are actually starving for that good fat that fuels our brain, regulates our hormones, and improves our metabolism. If you’re afraid of fat – don’t be! Butter in your coffee won’t make you gain weight, but here are some pointers to help ensure that Butter Coffee will result in weight loss.

1. Become a fat-burner, not a sugar-burner

Start your morning off right by telling your body to burn fat for fuel instead of sugar or carbohydrates. Instead of drinking Butter Coffee with your breakfast, try drinking it for breakfast for a week and gauge how it makes you feel. You should experience satiety and suppressed appetite, you probably won’t feel hungry for hours. If you do start to feel hungry – try adding a little added protein powder (we use grass-fed collagen or grass-fed whey) to your Butter Coffee.

Start with that and then listen to your body! If you find that you feel better when you “break your fast” with a morning meal, have a Butter Coffee with breakfast but keep it pretty low carb. A meal high in carbohydrates or sugar in conjunction with Butter Coffee could counteract it’s effects in terms of weight loss.

Speaking of sugar, if you’re trying to lose weight you’re gonna want to avoid sweetening your Butter Coffee with sugar.

If you prefer your coffee sweetened, try xylitol! Xylitol is a natural, sugar-free sweetener (we source it from hardwood trees only, never corn), and in the absence of sugar or carbohydrates for fuel, your body is going to start effectively running on fat. You will notice that your appetite will be sustained for significantly longer when you are exclusively burning fat for energy, and xylitol doesn’t interfere with this effect.

Cinnamon is another natural sugar-free alternative that works surprisingly well! When you start to cut the excessive sugar out of your diet, your palate begins to develop an appreciation for the natural sweetness in foods – cinnamon being one of them. This incredible spice can actually help curb your sugar cravings, and it’s delicious in coffee. As a component of our famous Dirty Chai and Pumpkin Spice coffee drinks, cinnamon is pretty much made to go in coffee.

2. Increase your MCT oil to personal tolerance

Medium chain triglycerides are inherently present in coconut oil – and MCT oil is simply those isolated medium chain fats that have been studied for their effectiveness in weight loss and the reversal of neurological disorders. This coconut oil extract is an extremely concentrated colorless, odorless, and tasteless supplement that enhances the benefits of coffee. Because it’s so concentrated, you need much less MCT oil to benefit from the weight loss properties of coconut oil than if you simply consumed coconut oil alone. You’d have to eat 6-18 times the amount of coconut oil to ingest the same amount of medium chain triglycerides.

MCT oil works by instantly converting to ketones in your body, which are an awesome source of fat-burning fuel in the absence of glucose. MCT oils conversion to ketones is the key to it’s weight loss properties, so you want to consume as much of it as your body can tolerate! But because it’s so concentrated, if you use too much too soon you’ll have an upset stomach. Start with a teaspoon and work your way up. Most people see the most benefits from Butter Coffee at a dosage of 1-2 tablespoons. You can also add MCT oil to smoothies or salad dressings!

3.. When you start to feel hungry – eat real food!

WARNING: Don’t drink Butter Coffee in conjunction with processed sugar and carbohydrate-laden junk food and expect to lose weight!

You won’t! MCT oil can produce ketones even in the absence of carbohydrate restriction, but there is no weight loss miracle that can replace a healthy, balanced diet.

What kind of diet are we talking about? Well, in short it could be described as a “Paleo” diet.

  • A moderated amount of protein from land and sea-dwelling animals that ate a natural diet.
  • A substantial amount of vegetables, cooked and raw, especially leafy greens.
  • Some fruit and starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, parsnips, winter squash, and plantains.
  • If tolerated – pasture-raised eggs, nuts, and seeds.
  • Enough fat to feel satiated – derived from healthy sources like coconut, avocado, olives, and pasture-raised animals.

Yes, eat fat to satiety! This means when you’re hungry, turn to nutrient-dense, whole food, fat sources! You’ll feel fuller quicker and your brain and body will get the fuel they really need.

Want your body to burn fat for fuel? Eat more fat and fewer carbohydrates. Paleo may seem like a super low-carb diet, but it’s actually highly individualized. Modify your diet to meet your personal needs. Very active people generally need more carbohydrates , and less active people need significantly fewer. The important thing is where those carbohydrates are coming from. You can get plenty of carbs from sweet fruits and starchy vegetables – your bodies natural need for carbohydrates is no excuse to fill up on bread, processed foods, or sweets!

4. Drink coffee before your workout for muscle gain, or afterwards for weight loss

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola:

“When used before exercise, coffee will give you a good boost, and will work to accelerate the benefits of exercise; stimulating energy production and fat burning. However, after exercise your body needs a recovery meal, not caffeine, which will inhibit the mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin); the mechanism that increases protein synthesis in your muscle. You do not build muscle while exercising. Muscle building occurs afterward, so if your goal is to gain muscle mass, you do not want mTOR to be inhibited by caffeine

That being said, if your main goal is to lean down and maximize fat burning, having coffee after exercise might be exactly what you need, as it will keep you burning fat while breaking down fat stores for energy. The post exercise coffee will continue mimicking the effects of exercise on your body for as long as you continue fasting; that’s until your next meal.” (Read more…)

Note: you don’t necessarily have to work out at all to experience weight loss from this kind of dietary change in conjunction with Butter Coffee. See here and here for our personal transformation stories that resulted from Paleo + Butter Coffee with no additional physical activity)

5. Replace your afternoon sugar craving with a Butter Coffee

Butter coffee can be an extremely beneficial weight loss tool when used to curb excessive sugar cravings. Fueling up on a good quality fat source leaves you satiated, whereas giving in to sugar cravings often just leaves you wanting more.

Think of it this way: it would be fairly easy to sit and eat an entire bag of candy. But if you tried to sit and eat a stick of butter, you probably wouldn’t get very far. Fat helps us assimilate the crucial vitamins and nutrients that our bodies desperately need, so without adequate fat, it’s easy to keep eating without ever becoming truly nourished. Our brains continue to signal to our bodies that we need more when we aren’t getting what we need out of the food we’re eating.

Sugar addiction can be really tough to break. But when you respond to your sweet tooth with a healthy dose of good quality fat, your body gets what it really needs and the sugar habit becomes much easier to kick. (We highly recommend Diane Sanfilippo‘s 21 Day Sugar Detox for more information on how to reset your body and reap the benefits of ending your sugar/carb addiction.)

A decaffinated Butter Coffee in the afternoon might be exactly what you need to help keep your carb and sugar cravings at bay. Not only will it help facilitate weight loss and muscle gain, but it will also get you one step closer to breaking your sugar addiction.