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arriving in APRIL 2017

Picnik Butter Coffee is a flavor-focused blend of the highest-quality coffee, healthy fats, and protein to help you achieve sustained levels of elevated energy, curbed appetite, increased productivity, and enhanced cognitive function. Our flavors are inspired by the best-selling blends we serve at our own Austin, Texas flagship and cafe locations.

We decided to make butter coffee easier than ever to enjoy. Now there is no need to go through the steps of making butter coffee at home or worrying about how to bring it on the go. You can simply open and enjoy.

4 Pillars of Butter Coffee

Grass-fed Butter

Fuels the body with a sustained, clean energy that satiates appetite and reduces cravings.


Offers cognitive boost, supports fat burn, and balances mood and hormone levels.

grass-fed Whey Protein

Absorbs rapidly into the body to reduce hunger and sustain muscle growth.

Organic Coffee

Provides alertness and a refreshing taste using sustainably-sourced ingredients.

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