our team

Naomi Seifter (Owner & General Manager)

An avid foodie and old-school food service employee, Naomi found the Paleo Diet through nearly ten years of chronic health issues.  Discovering that she had a severe gluten-intolerance in 2008, it took several years for Naomi to discover the benefits of grain-free, ancestral food preparation.  During the years she struggled to reign in her health, Naomi completed her Bachelor’s Degree at Syracuse University in Musical Theatre, moving straight to the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, a Yoga Ashram based in Val Morin, Quebec after graduation.  It was there that she developed an appreciation for food as medicine.  In the Ashram, a sattvic diet is practiced (a strict vegetarian diet free of caffeine, onion, garlic, alcohol, etc.) with the intention to calm body, mind and spirit.  Although Naomi believed in the principles, she struggled with chronic fatigue, digestive distress and hormonal imbalance, causing untamable adult acne and stress.  After leaving the ashram environment, Naomi relocated to Miami Beach to teach yoga full-time at Miami Life Center, an Ashtanga-based Yoga Studio in South Beach.  She began integrating animal protein back into her diet, but didn’t feel complete relief from her symptoms until she made the decision to eliminate grains completely.  Ever since, she feels as if she has reached a level of optimum health and wellness, additionally fueled by the integration of Bulletproof® Coffee into her diet.  She is thrilled to bring you Picnik Austin and share the gift of health and vitality with the great city of Austin, TX.

Patricia Sylwester MD (co-owner & visionary)

Dr. Sylwester has practiced medicine in Olympia for 30 years. She owned Pacific Walk-In Clinic for ten years and is currently finishing the Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.  A passionate enthusiast of ancestral healing, Patricia and Michael are building Vital Rejuvenation, a wellness clinic based in Olympia, WA, founded on the principles that diet and exercise habits are the least expensive and most rewarding choices we make daily that affect our overall health.  Dr. Sylwester has successfully completed extensive Sciton laser and broad band light training, adding to her extensive knowledge of medicine and passion for anti-aging.  Patricia attended Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Michael Farley BA MPA (co-owner & visionary)

Michael has 30 years experience as a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist and Life Coach. His experience and lifelong research in exercise science and nutrition has led to the co-creation of Vital Rejuvenation in Olympia, WA, a center for wellness, anti-aging and regenerative medicine.  Michael earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from The Evergreen State College, and is now the Center Director at www.wellnessolympia.com (Vital Rejuvenation in Olympia, WA).