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How To Live and Work Remote as a Digital Entrepreneur [Podcast]

In today's episode, I sit down with Carly Shankman and Ross Brown who have built a life for themselves as 100% digital entrepreneurs, also known as "digital nomads."


Carly and Ross share how they used YouTube to build their careers, how they built a portfolio to get remote jobs, the best places to stay while on the road, how to make the most of your money and how to exchange services for experiences. Tune in for the above and so much more on our podcast below.  cxdcxx...



Below are some resources they mentioned on the show in case you'd like more information. 


  • Sign up for consistent newsletters and Google Alerts keeping you in the know around subjects that matter to you i.e. The Hustle - Later.com
  • Pay for online courses to increase your skillset
  • Show the results you can provide before asking for work by building a portfolio
  • Use your portfolio and build a website that highlights your capabilities
  • Treat your clients like Kings
  • Always stay positive, work hard, and be nice to build your client base
  • Do work exchange in the expensive countries like Europe
  • Live below your means in the inexpensive countries to stretch your money
  • Be flexible with your flights and you can save big using skyscanner.com


Follow Carly and Ross' story at



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