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Ingredients Matter

The what + why behind our functional ingredients

In order to make the very best products for you, it is essential to start with the highest quality ingredients. We only ever use the best of the best at our restaurant and food truck in Austin, and we have the exact same quality standards for our new, functional Vegan Creamer, Collagen Creamer, and Original Creamer.


Here’s a quick look into the building blocks of our products and many of the ingredients we use in our Austin-area restaurants:


1. MCT Oil [Original, Vegan, Collagen Creamer]


In our Original, Vegan, and Collagen Creamer, we use MCT oil sourced exclusively from coconuts. MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. They’re a type of fat found in coconut oil that is really easy for your body to digest. MCTs don’t need to be broken down the way other fats do, instead, they’re sent straight to your liver where they get turned into fuel for your body. In your liver, MCTs are immediately converted into ketones, which are a primary fuel source for your brain and muscles.


MCTs aren’t stored as fat in your body, in fact, they help speed up your metabolism and can actually help you to lose fat! Even though MCT oil is made from coconut oil, it doesn’t taste like coconut. You actually can’t taste it at all, it blends right into our creamer without changing the flavor whatsoever.


2. Grass-Fed Butter [Original Creamer]

Grass-fed butter is high in omega-3 fatty acids, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K and it’s much easier to digest than pasteurized milk.


The higher fat content in grass-fed butter serves a few purposes in our Original Creamer:


  • It’s delicious, let’s be real.
  • The healthy fat found in grass-fed butter helps metabolize caffeine more slowly, which means that you won’t experience the afternoon crash associated with a more typical cup of coffee with cream and sugar.
  • When combined with a nutrient-dense, balanced diet, healthy fats can actually help regulate your weight and decrease hunger levels!


That’s right! Eating grass-fed butter can actually help you to feel satiated, and drop excess weight. Bring on the butter.  


3. Grass-Fed Whey [Original Creamer]

Whey protein is a naturally delicious and convenient way to increase your protein intake. We only use the highest quality grass-fed whey protein in our Original Creamer. While typical conventional whey proteins can be loaded with a ton of extra flavors, fillers, chemicals and additives, the grass-fed whey protein we use has only one ingredient: grass-fed whey protein. We don’t mess around when it comes to harmful and unnecessary additives.


4. Grass-Fed Collagen [Collagen Creamer]


Collagen is a dairy-free, flavorless protein made of amino-acids. It's actually the most abundant protein in our bodies and is essential for healthy muscles, bones, and skin. Over time as we age, collagen production naturally slows down and leads to wrinkles, dry skin, and weaker joints and skeletal structure.


Supplementing with pure collagen protein from grass-fed cows can improve your hair, digestion, joint health, and metabolism. It's like beauty food! Why spend money on chemical-laden beauty products that rarely work when you can feel great inside and out by nourishing your body with real food? Bonus: Picnik Collagen Creamer is also Paleo-friendly, Keto and dairy-free!


5. Cashew Milk [Vegan Creamer, Collagen Creamer]


Cashew milk is the main ingredient in our Vegan and Collagen Creamers making them rich, silky, smooth and 100% dairy-free. It contains the feel-good hormone tryptophan, which is known to contribute to happy, healthy thoughts and mood, along with a dose of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats for radiant skin.


Cashews are loaded with high quality fat, vitamins, minerals, and a variety of plant compounds which offer a boost in immunity. We love cashew milk as a dairy-free alternative that has absolutely no sugar, low carbs, and the good fats that are the backbone of so many Picnik recipes


6. Coconut Cream [Vegan Creamer, Collagen Creamer]


Coconut cream has a slightly higher fat content than coconut milk, think less water, more coconut, contributing to the decadent, creamy texture of our dairy-free Vegan and Collagen Creamers.


Coconuts also contain a lipid called lauric acid which is known to support the immune system while offering antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits. Similar to grass-fed butter and cashew milk, the healthy fats found in coconut cream support mental clarity and alertness, sustained energy, and a boost in metabolic function.




Picnik Creamers are available in select Costco, Safeway, Sprouts Farmers Market, Target and Giant-Martin locations, as well as online at Amazon and here on

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