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Introducing: Picnik Butter Coffee Creamer

Picnik releases first-to-market butter coffee creamer

Y'all, we are adding to our butter coffee product line. Introducing our newest product, and the very first of its kind, Picnik Butter Coffee Creamer made with MCT oil, grass-fed butter, and grass-fed whey protein.


Heard enough? Want a taste? Purchase online here.


This creamer effortlessly mixes with hot and cold beverages. Staying true to our values which prioritize inclusion, the creamer lends itself to versatility. With zero grams of sugar, it tastes like traditional half-and-half creamer and offers the same convenience, but boasts the benefits of healthy saturated fats from nutrient-rich grass-fed butter and MCT oil that is 100% derived from coconuts.


So, whether you’re trying to feel more satiated in the morning, add a creamy flavor to smoothies and juices, or find a food hack for the ketogenic diet, our new creamer makes it all easier than ever.


“I’m incredibly proud of everything we’ve achieved at Picnik so far, but this creamer has been one of my biggest passion projects. It has been my dream to make it easy for people to have delicious butter coffee at home without all the guesswork and hassle. I’ve attempted so many different formats for this product over the years and now I can finally share the finished result,” says Naomi Seifter, CEO and founder of Picnik.


“Coffee culture is strong, and we recognize that our customers are particular and opinionated about they way it’s prepared. Some prefer cold brew, some prefer hot coffee and some choose an alternative option altogether. Understanding the versatility around this morning ritual inspired me to create a product that people can add to their drink of choice. Decaf, cold-brew, dark roast, light roast, Earl Grey tea—whatever you love can be turned into a functional beverage with this creamer.”

Here, some examples of how to use our butter coffee creamer:


1. Add a little, or a lot, to your favorite hot or cold coffee. Get creative, and try cold brew concentrate or nitro coffee!


2. Pour a generous splash of creamer into your favorite smoothie recipe.


3. Make a London Fog: add 2 - 3 ounces of creamer to steeped Earl Grey tea. Add vanilla and maple syrup to taste.


4. Love White Russians? Use our creamer instead of half & half for a boozy treat. 

    Purchase online here or locally at all three Austin locations:


    • Burnet Road Restaurant 4801 Burnet Road Austin, Texas 78756
    • South Lamar Trailer 1700 S. Lamar Boulevard Austin, Texas 78704
    • St Elmo Trailer 4329 South Congress Austin, Texas 78745


    Keep an eye out for more recipes and innovative ways to use our butter coffee creamer at home and on-the-go.

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