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New Dairy-Free Collagen and Vegan Creamers

Our keto-friendly creamer line has expanded

At Picnik, we pride ourselves on the ability to be inclusive of all dietary preferences by offering a wide variety of items that are gluten-free, grain-free, Paleo, Primal, Vegan, and Keto. We are a one-stop-shop for health-focused foodies; a brand that embraces all nutritional needs and encourages people to relish in the fact that real food is at the base of it all. Real Food + Good Vibes; it's the name of the game for us.



In order to more deeply serve our community and also those outside Austin, we are thrilled to officially announce the addition of two new functional varieties to our growing family of creamers: Vegan and Collagen. Like our Original grass-fed butter based creamer, the new options are unsweetened, have a similar flavor profile to half-and-half, and are super powered by MCT oil to fuel your body and mind.



“I created Picnik after discovering the life-changing difference that high-quality fats and other functional ingredients could have on physical health and mental clarity,” said Naomi Seifter, CEO and founder of Picnik. “Based on the response we received to our Original Creamer, we knew we wanted to expand the line so it was more inclusive of all dietary needs– inclusiveness is a core value we live by, so I’ve worked hard to create our new offerings keeping in mind consumers who are vegan or prefer plant-based food as well as the millions out there who are already putting collagen in their coffee daily. We’re eager to share these new Creamers with the world and are excited to share the magic of Picnik with the masses!”



Designed to be coffee’s best friend, all Picnik Creamers are Certified Keto-friendly, Non-GMO Project Verified, and contain zero sugar and zero net carbs. Like the Original Creamer, the new Vegan and Collagen Creamers mix effortlessly into hot or cold beverages and are an easy and nourishing way to add the energizing properties of MCT oil to coffees, teas, smoothies and more. 



Picnik Vegan Creamer


We understand that dairy isn’t for everyone, so we created this rich, silky, Vegan Creamer just for you! This creamer gives you the chance to taste the goodness of one of our vegan recipes at home.


Our powerful Vegan Creamer is made of a plant-based blend of cashew, coconut cream and MCT oil. We use the highest quality ingredients in our secret recipe to create a rich, satisfying texture with a delicious, versatile flavor. Our Vegan Creamer is also Paleo and Keto. You won’t miss the dairy!


Picnik Collagen Creamer


This dairy-free Collagen Creamer is perfect for all of you who are seeking a deliciously rich experience with the bonus of a collagen boost for your hair, skin, gut, and joints. Rest assured that our grass-fed collagen is the highest quality around. Paleo and Keto-friendly.



Picnik Original Creamer


The Original Creamer is made with MCT oil, grass-fed butter, and grass-fed whey protein. With zero grams of sugar, it tastes like traditional half-and-half creamer and offers the same convenience, but boasts the benefits of healthy saturated fats from nutrient-rich grass-fed butter and MCT oil that is 100% derived from coconuts.



Learn why the ingredients in Picnik's creamers matter.

Whether you’re trying to feel more satiated in the morning, add a creaminess to your coffee, smoothies and juices, Picnik Creamers make it easier than ever to feel and function at your best.


Picnik Creamers are available in select Costco, Safeway, Sprouts Farmers Market, Target and Giant-Martin locations, as well as online at Amazon and www.picnikaustin.com.


A few innovative and delicious ways to enjoy your creamer:





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