Our Philosophy

Picnik exists to accommodate all dietary restrictions based on the philosophy that delicious food can also be good for the body and mind.

Our food is what keeps us nourished, satiated and alive. The bad news is that our world has slowly transitioned to a time when the food and drink we consume is making us sick. Our food system has failed us, and we believe it's time for us shift the paradigm of 'fast food' everywhere.

Picnik is special because of our alternative philosophy on proper nutrition. We offer the practical, convenient setting of a restaurant and coffee shop with a focus on better ingredients that make you feel and perform your best. Our menu items are convenient and made fresh with the highest quality ingredients.

We make good food that also happens to be good for you.

- Founder, Naomi Seifter


We focus on better ingredients that make our customers feel and perform their very best. We fully embrace the yin and yang of why we eat: to nourish our bodies and to experience pure enjoyment. We believe in eliminating the foods that do not serve our customers health, integrating foods that positively impact our customers health, and educating our customers as to why we choose these ingredients so they can integrate these food philosophies into their own lives.

Our history

Founded by Naomi Seifter in 2013, Picnik began as a food trailer housed in a re-purposed shipping container at 1700 South Lamar Blvd. Naomi's personal history of combatting food allergies since childhood led to her journey to open our gluten-free food trailer known for serving grab-and- go breakfast and lunch items as well as butter coffee, bone broth, and juices, all with a focus on sourcing locally and using organic ingredients.

Naomi was an early adopter of bringing a Paleo-friendly concept to Austin, and the trailer quickly gained a devoted following, especially for our grass-fed butter coffee offerings. It was nearly impossible for Naomi to find food to eat unless she made it herself. Picnik started as a solution to the dietary struggles her own life and as a way to provide a fun dining experience for everyone – regardless of whether they have food allergies or not. We wanted to take the guesswork out of safe, nutritious, readily accessible food.

In August, 2016 we opened our first brick and mortar location at 4801 Burnet Road in Austin, Texas.


We're such huge believers in its nutritional merits that we've based our entire coffee menu around it. We serve kicked-up, nutritionally-dense flavor variations to mimic standard coffee shop favorites, but with better ingredients.

We use unsalted grass-fed Irish butter to make our coffee light and creamy. This replaces a traditional splash of milk. We also include MCT oil, a supplement-strength extract of coconut oil, which tells your body to start running on fat for fuel. We blend this combination of healthy fats to help our customers achieve stabilized elevated energy levels, fat loss, a curbed appetite, increased levels of productivity and enhanced cognitive function.

Finally, we make all of our drinks to order with no pre-made syrups or “flavors”. Our menu reflects every single ingredient in our drinks – if it’s not listed, it’s not in your drink! We are also able to customize all drinks to fit any dietary preference, so don't be afraid to ask for what you know will fuel you the best.